How can I upgrade to TO3000, Version 11?
Posted by Alexey Sokolov (AIT) on 01 March 2012 04:39 PM


TO3000 v11 is a new version of TO3000 which has many new features and improvements. Therefore the upgrade to TO3000 v11 is fee-based but its price is much less than a price of a new TO3000 license. 

You can find detail information about new features of TO3000 v11 at

You can order Upgrade to TO3000 v11 at



To update your database for using it with TO3000 v11, please follow the steps:

1. Install TO3000 v11.

2. In case you used TO3000 v9 or older:

a) Run Database Converter (can be found in the program's Start menu folder).

b) Proceed through all the steps from the Wizard (see Pictures 1 and 2).

3. Copy your database file (to3000.fdb) from TO3000 v10 or your converted database to "C:\Users\Public\Documents\AIT\TO3000, Version 11\db".

4. Run TO3000 v11 installation file once again and install the software over the existing copy without any uninstallation. This procedure will automatically apply all update scripts to your database.

Important! Do not delete your original database from the previous TO3000 version until you are sure that it works fine with TO3000 v11.

Picture 1

Picture 2



To make your templates available in TO3000 v11, simply copy them to the appropriate TO3000 v11 folder. For example, in case of upgrading from TO3000 v10:

"C:\Users\Public\Documents\AIT\TO3000, Version 10\Templates" - Take your template from this location;
"C:\Users\Public\Documents\AIT\TO3000, Version 11\Templates" - Copy your templates to this location.

Note: TO3000 11 is no longer available for purchase. You can upgrade to TO3000 3D here:


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