Cannot establish connection with Projetex File Server. Port 47111 may be blocked by firewall.
Posted by Vitaliy Hutyk (AIT) on 16 June 2020 04:14 PM

On the server machine, please go into "Task Manager >> Services" and make sure that the service "Projetex3DFileSrv" is both present and active.
If it is not there, please run the program's installer again (do not uninstall the server software, just install it again over itself).

If the problem still persists, please try opening port 47111 in the firewall, on both the server and the workstation.

If the problem reoccurs every day, please open the Server Admininstrator, go to "Database >> Autorestart service" and disable the option "Enable File server Restart", then activate Projetex3DFileSrv once more.


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