Reinstalling Projetex and restoring the data after formatting the disk
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Please follow these steps to reinstall Projetex and restore your database:

Before formatting your disk:

1. Run the Projetex Server Administrator. Switch to the Database tab.
2. On the Database tab click Backup.
3. In the Backup Database window specify the backup path (i.e. the location of the future backup file) and change the backup file name if necessary. To create the backup file click OK.

4. When the backup procedure is over, copy the backup file to a safe storage location (which will not be formatted).
5. Close Projetex Server and Workstations and manually copy your database to a safe place, i.e. copy the entire C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.P3D\MSSQL\DATA folder to a different location.

6. Do not forget to back up your local files stored within your BusinessServer folder. Copy the folder to an external drive, cloud service, or another safe location to ensure the safety of your files. NOTE: your files are not backed up automatically with the database. If you use Projetex Workstation locally, you might also want to save your Business folder as well.

After the system has been restored:

1. Install Projetex, selecting the "Do not install database" option (please see 3.jpg attached).
2. Register the Projetex Server, then Projetex Workstation. You can always download installers and recover your License Keys for AIT products from the users' area at 
3. Run the Projetex Server Administrator. Switch to the Database tab.
4. Click the Restore button.
5. In the Restore Database window, specify the location of your backup file and click OK.

6. Now copy your BusinessServer folder back into place from where you've saved it in, and you are ready to go!

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