"Error while trying to replace existing file" during installation
Posted by - NA - on 13 April 2007 10:10 PM

Q.: During installation of Projetex Server or Projetex workstation an error appears telling that acess to certain file is denied. For example: "An error ocurred while trying to replace the existing file: ..."

A.: This error means that the computer on which you are trying to install Projetex already has Firebird Server installed. This error is most oftenly occurs during a reinstallation process, in case Firebird Server was not switched to offline mode.

Please make sure that Projetex Firebird Server is offline and that no other programs use Firebird server on your PC.

a). To turn Firebird Server offline, use the following procedure:

1. Launch Projetex Server Administrator: click Start button and select Programs> Projetex 9> Projetex Server > Projetex 9 Server Administrator. Alternatively, launch ProAdmin.exe file, located I Projetex Server install directory (default location C:\Program Files\AIT\Projetex 9\Projetex Server\Administrator\ProAdmin.exe).

2. In Projetex 9 Server Administrator window go to "Database Server" tab and click "Stop Server" button.

3. Install Projetex Workstation.

4. Start Firebird Server again before launching Projetex Workstation. To do so please repeat step 1. After this click "Start Server" button to start Firebird Server.

b). Try temporarily stopping Firebird service on your PC:

1. Right-click "My Computer" icon and select "Manage" from the dropdown menu.

2. In Computer Management window select "Services and Applications" section, and then "Services" subsection.

3. In the Services list find service with the name "Firebird Server - DefaultInstance", select it and click Stop button at the top of the window.

4. Perform Projetex setup operation.

5. Start the "Firebird Server - DefaultInstance" service again.


Note: Projetex 9 is no longer available for purchase. Please condiser upgrading to Projetex 3D. YOu can order the upgrade here:

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