TO3000 and Norton Internet Security compatibility
Posted by - NA - on 19 June 2007 03:12 PM

Question: I have installed TO3000 but it freezes on Start. I think that Norton Internet Security blocks it. What should I do?

To avoid this problem, please reboot your PC, if necessary, and perform the following steps:
1. Launch Norton Internet Security, by clicking the Icon in the system tray
2 .Select the Norton Internet Security page and click the Settings button
3. Select the Personal Firewall page from the Norton Internet Security Settings list and then click Configure
4. In the Personal Firewall menu (in the left corner of the screen) select the Program Control tab, then click Add.
5. Select TO3000.exe and TO3000Admin.exe from C:\Program Files\Translation Office 3000 V8\TO3000.exe (default location) and click the Open button
6. In the drop-down menu of the dialog box choose Allow and click the OK button
7. Return to the Norton Internet Security Settings menu and switch to the Auto-Protect tab, then click Configure
8. Select "Always ignore low-risk items" by dot-marking the corresponding item.
9. Try running TO3000.

Alternative procedure is as follows:

1. Open the NIS window and switch to Norton Internet Security, then switch to Settings
2. Click Personal Firewall and then the "Configure" button. This will open the Internet Security and Firewall Options window
3. Click General Settings, and select the "Automatically decide what to do" option in the Firewall Processing area.
4. Try running TO3000.

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