Setup and database updates in Windows Vista
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In Windows Vista, the concept of altering any file in the Program Files folder is different from earlier Windows versions.

The major difference is that any changes made to a file inside the Program Files area by a user will be saved only for this particular user. The file in Program Files always remains unchanged, while each user account uses their own copy of the same file, and all changes made apply to that copy only.

If, for example, in TO3000 you update the database, and then log into the same PC under a different user account, you will not be able to see the changes to the database file.

What does this mean for your work?
1. Always use the same user account as all your data will be available only for that account.
2. The database in C:\Users\Public\Documents\AIT\TO3000, Version 10\db will always remain the one which had been originally installed. There is no point in backing this file up. The same applies to template files.
3. All your changes are kept in different database file, which Windows Vista makes available for your account only: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\AIT\Translation Office 3000 Version 10\db\TO3000.fdb
Same applies to template files.

This may also cause problems with updating the database version during TO3000 setup. If you receive a message that your database version needs updating, please run all the necessary update scripts manually by clicking the "Settings > Database" menu and clicking the "Run Update Script" button.

We recommend installing TO3000 outside the Program Files area, so that any user account can access the same database and template files. For example, install TO3000 into the root of drive C: or any other drive to avoid any problems with database and template updates.

This issue will be addressed in all TO3000 builds starting with build 9005, where the database file will be installed in the All Users folder.

Please note that the article above refers to Windows Vista only.


Note: TO3000 10 is no longer available for purchase. Please consider upgraing to TO3000 3D. You can order the upgrade here.

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