Assigning a job to a translator
Posted by - NA - on 07 March 2005 04:34 PM

To assign a job to a translator, please perform the following steps:

1. Select the Projects icon from the Ribbon.
2. Select a project you would like to assign translators to.
3. Go to the "Freelance jobs" tab (or "Corporate jobs" for an in-house translator).
4. Open the required job. Jobs without an assigned expert will have the code J-VACANT
5. If an expert is not selected yet, you can select one by clicking the Select button near the top of the Edit window. To make this job vacant again, just click the None button.

Please note that you cannot assign more than one translator to a single job. If you would like one job to be performed by several freelancers or corporate experts, we suggest you create additional jobs (based on the same client job) for each individual expert.

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