How to set up percentages in relation to full price per unit in the general prices and in the separate client prices.
Posted by - NA - on 24 November 2009 04:16 PM

On the "General Prices for clients" and "Clients > Prices" pages you can set the full price for a service per unit. In order to assign different percentages in relation to the full price per unit for different word matches, it is convenient to use the integrated CATCount application. The procedure is as follows:

1) Create a new client job in the Projects > Client job page.
2) In the New client job dialog click the <=CATCount button.
3) Enter your percentages for different match types in the appropriate fields. As soon as you save it in Scheme > Save, it will be always applied every time you open CATCount.
4) To calculate the equivalent wordcount to be added as the job total, use the Log > Load menu. Select the format of the log file, then the file itself. The calculation will be done automatically.

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