Interaction of Projetex with Quickbooks
Posted by Maksim Karganov (AIT) on 19 July 2011 12:06 PM

Any information can be exported from Projetex to the XLS file format and thereafter exported from an XLS file to Quickbooks. To export information from Projetex to MS Excel, please click the Export button in the top-right corner of the screen. Quickbooks allows importing of the following data from Excel files: Customers, Vendors, Service Items, Inventory Parts and Non-Inventory Parts. To import data from Excel files to Quickbooks, in Quickbooks click File > Utilities > Import > Excel Files.

Notice: Importing of clients data from Quickbooks to Projetex 8 is also possible. In this case please export required information to .IIF file format, thereafter open this file in MS Excel and copy required columns and rows to some empty .XLS file manually. Then import records from this .XLS file to Projetex database through Projetex Import Utility (Projetex8Import.exe) which is located into Projetex 8\Projetex Server\Import folder.

Note: Projetex 8 is no longer available for purchase. You can upgrade to Projetex 3D here:

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