Error PC8334: Incorrect LocalStorage folder path.
Posted by Aleksandr Yarosevich (AIT) on 20 July 2011 04:04 PM

This error message indicates that Projetex was unable to create a local Business folder on a workstation computer during the installation process. Usually this error occurs due to a lack of free disk space on drive D:\ on which local Business folder is created by default.

Please open the Projetex.ini file located into “C:\Documents and Settings\AleksandrY\Local Settings\Application Data\AIT\Projetex 8\Settings” folder (for Windows XP) or into “C:\Users\AleksandrD\AppData\Local\AIT\Projetex 8\Settings” folder (for Windows 7) using Notepad and change the ‘BUSINESS_LOCAL_DRIVE=D’ string to ‘BUSINESS_LOCAL_DRIVE=X’ (where X is a name of a drive on which you would like to store your local Business folder). Thereafter please save and close Projetex.ini file, go to the specified drive and create Business folder on it.

Note: Projetex 8 is no longer available for purchase. You can upgrade to Projetex 3D here:

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