Gateway not found (Error Code: 10061)
Posted by Aleksandr Yarosevich (AIT) on 18 August 2011 05:41 PM

This error may have 2 possible causes:

1. You have selected a computer without Projetex Server installed as the server machine.

After Projetex Workstation has been started, please click the Server button and check whether the correct IP-address is entered. If Projetex Workstation and Projetex Server are installed on the same computer, choose the "This PC" option. Then try to connect to the Projetex Server.

2. Projetex has been updated partially on your computer (i.e. only the Projetex Workstation has been updated).

Update your copy of Projetex. For this, download the latest build of the program from your account at and install both the Projetex Server and the Projetex Workstation over the current copy of the program without uninstalling it.

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