How can I use TO3000 on different computers and synchronize changes in my database automatically?
Posted by Maksim Karganov (AIT) on 03 November 2011 04:55 PM

You can try some folder synchronization software like Dropbox to automatically synchronize TO3000 data on your computers. To install Translation Office 3000 on Dropbox, please perform the following steps:

1. Install TO3000 on your computers (laptops).

2. Activate the installed copies of the program on all computers using your serial number.

3. Turn off dropbox synchronization on all computers.

4. Transfer your database to the same DropBox location on all computers, using the Database Settings > Transfer Database Files function.

5. Change the location of the Business folder in both copies of TO3000 to the synchronized Dropbox folder. To change the location of the Business folder, please run TO3000, go to Advanced Settings > Folders > General > Change, and select the new location for the Business folder. Keep in mind that you will need to transfer the actual contents of the folder manually.

6. Turn on synchronization on all computers.

Please note that only one copy of the program can be run at one time.

Do not launch TO3000 until you see that DropBox synchronization is complete. Improper usage of Cloud software can damage your database.

By the way, Translation Office 3000 does not have network capabilities, i.e. if you install multiple copies of TO3000, you will not be able to access a database from several computers simultaneously. For network capabilities, please, check out other main product, Projetex.

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