Which files are uploaded to the server automatically?
Posted by Alexander Dyatlov (AIT) on 23 November 2011 01:52 PM

Projetex can send the following data to the server automatically:

1. Documents generated by Projetex (quotes, invoices, POs, etc.).

2. Modified locked files (to upload them to the server, click "Team > Upload Changes").

Also, please note that Projetex tracks the versions of uploaded templates, I.e. when a user is about to use an older version of a template, they will be informed that there is a newer version on the server and offered to update their local copy.

Types of files not listed above should be uploaded manually to the server to be available to other team members. You can upload files to the server by clicking the Upload button (upward red arrow) on the Files tab of Projetex windows.

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