Panda Antivirus blocks TO3000.
Posted by - NA - on 05 July 2005 07:00 PM

In Panda, you need to go to "Configuracion Configurar la proteccin automacutetica" (Configuration -Configure automatic protection) and uncheck the "Activar la deteccin de amenazas desconocidas"(Activate detection of unknown threats) checkbox under "Proteccin contra amenazas desconocidas" (Protection against unknown threats) (I am afraid I can only give you a rough translation of the options, my program is in Spanish). Apparently, it is the Panda TruePrevent technologies what blocks your program (a technology that supposedly scans programs and processes in order to detect virus and other malicious codes that are still unknown/unregistered in the antivirus database). I suppose it identifies TO3000 as an unknown process (and a potential hazard) and blocks it automatically. It is not possible to tell the antivirus program which processes are "friendly", so you need to deactivate the whole TruePrevent technology so TO3000 can work. The only problem is that Panda will warn you regularly about your PC being unprotected.

Special thanks to Noem Jimnez-Furquet for this workaround.

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