File Management and Synchronization System in Projetex
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Projetex has its own file sharing and synchronization system, which does not require any additional folder sharing settings on the server PC. It has two sets of files: on local machines (Business folders) and on the server computer (BusinessServer folder). Thus, you can easily share all your files between project managers and translators. Projetex users will be able to view only the files which are related to clients and projects assigned to them. All such files stored in the BusinessServer folder and can be downloaded, updated or uploaded to appropriate folders in a local Business folder through the Projetex Workstation. When you create a new file using Projetex (for example, Invoice, PO, etc.), this file is created in the local Business folder and uploaded to the BusinessServer folder automatically.

When a user opens a file in the Files tab, he or she in fact opens a downloaded copy of the file, stored locally in the Business folder. To update this file on the server, the user will need to upload it to the Projetex Server PC by right-clicking the file and then clicking Upload in the drop-down context menu.


Each file or folder can have one of the following statuses:

Team - the files stored in Business folder on server and in local storage are identical.

Changed on Workstation - local copy of file has been modified, the file on server has not been updated.

Changed on Server - file on server has been modified, local copy has not been updated.

Missing - file exists on server, but has not been downloaded to local PC yet (or has been deleted locally).

Local - file exists locally, but has not been uploaded to server yet (or has been deleted on server).


If you would like to prevent simultaneous uploading of the same file by several users, you can lock it by clicking the ‘Lock’ button, and no one will be able to upload this file until it is unlocked. If you are working with many different files, there is a way to check all modified locked files on your workstation and if such files have been found, Projetex will upload them to the server automatically. To check for modified files and automatically upload them to the server, please click ‘Team’ > ‘Upload Changes’.

Notice: Projetex will search for modified files only among files locked by you.


The location of the BusinessServer folder can be changed in the "Projetex 3D Server Administrator > Corporate Settings > Folders > General" tab. Also, it is possible to change the location of the local Business folder, by navigating to "User Settings > Local File Store" in the Projetex 3D Workstation application.

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