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Posted by - NA - on 10 July 2005 03:21 PM

Is it possible to export/import data to/from Excel and Access? (to clarify: in MS Access I can 'get external data' or 'export' a database to Excel)

It is possible to import data from .XLS(X), .DBF, .TXT, .CSV, .XML formats into the Projetex 3D Database. We have created a special Import Utility for this. It is supplied with the standard setup.
You can find the Import Utility in C:\Program Files\AIT\Projetex 3D\Projetex Server\Import\ProjetexImport.exe

Export is also possible. There are local reports and custom reports. With the help of reports, you can export data into the following formats: HTML, RTF, XLS, PDF.

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