How to resolve the payment amount not exactly matching the invoice amount?
Posted by on 27 July 2012 05:28 PM

Question: When you invoice somebody, the sum you enter is not necessarily the sum you receive due to transfer costs, your bank charges etc. However, the program insists the invoice has not been paid and still displays the invoice red which makes it difficult to see which invoices are really behind. Is there a way around this?


This issue can be resolved with the Phantom Payment function in Projetex.
If you link an Invoice and corresponding Payment and the Total Paid sum is less then Invoice Total, this difference is displayed in the right-bottom part of the window as Balance Due. By clicking the Phantom Payment button in the New/Edit Invoice window > Linked with Payments tab, you can link a phantom payment with Total Paid value and automatically set it to be equal to Balance Due. Thus the invoice changes its Status to Settled. 

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