The "Calculate Totals" button is not available in TO3000 3D
Posted by Alexander Artamoshkin (AIT) on 12 June 2014 02:08 PM



 "I was having a look at new version. On left "Client" menu, "Invoices to clients" has footer with totals. However, there is no footer with totals for "Client Jobs" tab (all clients) or "Payments from clients" tab (although I do have the total number of payments on this tab, and of course no longer the calculate totals button. Can I display this information in footer without having to go into individual client (Client>Main>Client jobs/Payments)."



In TO3000 3D, all column totals are calculated automatically. Most likely, you do not have the appropriate column added to the grid. Please perform the following steps:

1. Click the asterisk in the upper-left corner of the table.
2. Check "Total (Your Base Currency)".
3. Now you should have your overall totals calculated below the grid for that column.


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