What is the difference between Projetex and Translation Office 3000?
Posted by - NA - on 10 July 2005 04:41 PM

These two products can be called "sister programs".

Translation Office 3000 was developed for freelance translators. It simplifies accounting, marketing and invoicing tasks.

You can find more information about TO3000 at


Projetex is project management software which is developed primarily for translation agencies. It is much more complex and has a lot of additional features:

- Projetex is a client-server application which supports secure simultaneous access for all team members to a single database.
- Each Projetex user can be provided with individual access rights and privileges.
- A customizable database of freelance translators that can be created and managed in Projetex.

Please see the following webpage for more information about Projetex features:


Although intended for translation agencies, Projetex is widely used by freelance translators who often have to subcontract some of their jobs to other translators.

TO3000 owners can upgrade to Projetex with a special price. See the following page for details and pricing:

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