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I encounter delays when I work with a remote Projetex Server. How can I avoid them?
Posted by Alexey Sokolov (AIT) on 07 July 2014 05:19 PM

The main problem in this situation is not the internet bandwidth, but the distance between your server and your workstation.

If your server is in another country, your ping will be higher. Projetex Server and Projetex Workstation continuously send packets to each other when you click buttons and operate the program. If your ping is (for example) 200ms, then your mininum ideal response time will be 200ms (almost a quarter of a second). However, to operate properly and to retrieve all required information from a database, there will be lots of sent and received packets in several cycles. Therefore, regardless of your internet bandwidth, the ping between these two computers will still matter. So an overall delay of several seconds is normal for a remote server.

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