How should I configure my router to connect to my Projetex server using the Internet?
Posted by Alexey Sokolov (AIT) on 09 July 2014 04:08 PM

To configure your router for Projetex, please do the following:

1. Assign a static external IP address to the PC where the Projetex Server is installed. For this, perform all the steps described at:

2. Check whether your PC started to use this IP address. For this purpose you can perform the steps described at:

3. Open your web-browser.

4. Write the IP address of your router in the address line. Usually it is (or, Enter your login and password when prompted. Default credentials are usually Login: admin, Password: admin.

5. You will log in to your router's configuration panel. 

6. Forward ports 212 and 47111 (211 and 47110 for versions before 3D) to the IP address of your Projetex Server PC (internal IP address). Also, you can use the DMZ feature to forward all ports to the required LAN PC (Recommended).

7. Save your changes and then reboot your router.

After these steps you should be able to connect to your Projetex Server via the Internet. For this just go to Projetex Workstation, click "Server > Internet" and specify the external IP address of the computer with Projetex Server installed. You can check the IP address of your current PC at

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