How can I manage two accounts using TO3000?
Posted by Alexey Sokolov (AIT) on 17 September 2014 11:47 AM

You can create two databases for your two accounts, and manage them separately by doing the following:

1. Install TO3000 using the "Install an empty database" option when prompted. This will be your Database 1.

2. Rename the folder "C:\Users\Public\Documents\AIT\TO3000, Version 3D\db" into something else. This new folder will be your Database 1 location.

3. Install TO3000 once again using the same "Install an empty database" option when prompted.

4. Now you have your Database 2 installed and active and the folder "C:\Users\Public\Documents\AIT\TO3000, Version 3D\db" is your Database 2 location.

5. You can switch between your databases using Database Settings > Set Database Folder. In the window that appears, you can select your Database 1 location or Database 2 location.


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Evdoxia Renta
05 November 2014 05:56 PM
Does this mean that you cannot use TO3000 in your laptop, because your license has been used in these 2 instances of the program?
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