How do I change the company name displayed by Projetex 3D?
Posted by Vitaliy Hutyk (AIT) on 23 March 2017 11:07 AM

The Company Name in Projetex 3D is taken from the name you indicated when purchasing your licence.

To change it, please do the following:

  1. Submit a ticket with a request to change your registration name. Please indicate both your current and desired registration name. Wait until you recieve a response with your new server licence key.
  2. Close all Projetex workstations on your network. Open the Projetex Server Administrator on your server.
  3. Switch to the Database tab and type in "newname" (no quotes). A registration prompt will appear.
  4. Paste your new server key into the required field and click "Unlock". Your server will now be registered with the new name.
  5. If the Workstations still display the old name, please uninstall and re-install them, and then re-register with your new Workstation key.

Alternatively, If you just want to change the name in generated documents, you can edit the document templates and replace the variable \COMPANY_NAME\ with the actual name you want to display.

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