How to change the registration name of our Projetex license?
Posted by Vitaliy Hutyk (AIT) on 11 October 2017 12:42 PM

To change your Projetex registration name, please do the following:

1. Contact our support at, and give both your current registration name and your desired new name. It is recommended to use Latin characters only in your registration name.

2. Once your registration name is changed, you will receive a response from us, along with a special archive, which will allow you to "De-register" your database.

3. Open your Projetex Server Administrator, switch to the Database tab and type in "newname" (w/o quotes). Enter your license key and press OK.

4. Unpack the archive. You will see a folder containing two files, an SQL file and a BAT file. Edit the BAT file in Notepad. Replace the string x:\Unreg DB only\ with the current location of the SQL file. Save the changes and run the BAT file.

5. Restart your workstations and log in. If they still display the old registration name and do not prompt you to re-register, please uninstall and re-install them, then register them again.

Your registration name should now be updated.

Note: Be very careful about who has access to the reset script files. If you do not plan to change your registration name anymore, we recommend deleting them from your machine.

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