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No. You are required to have MS Word installed in order to work with AnyMem.
You can recover your license keys at any time, from your personal profile at []
Yes, you will be able to install the program on more than one computer. The License agreement allows usage of the program on multiple PCs by the license owner. License keys are not tied to any specific machine. The license will limit, however, the number ...
Unfortunately, no MacOS version is available. Currently there are no plans to release a Macintosh version of AnyMem.
Yes, AnyMem can be installed and uninstalled safely. Please note that uninstalling AnyMem will not remove AnyMem tags from MS Word files in the process of translation by AnyMem prior to the uninstallation. To remove tags and translated source text in a do...
You will be prompted to register your copy of AnyMem. Otherwise the program will become inaccesible.
No, you can create translation memory files in AnyMem from a single, bilingual file.
This means that your Windows user account does not have enough access rights to install AnyMem. You need to log into Windows with an account with administrator rights.
Firstly, please re-install AnyMem. If the message "Unable to locate AnyMem templates" still appears, then it means that you do not have enough user rights to work with AnyMem correctly. Log into Windows under an account with administrator rights and run A...
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