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AceProof can process text in any language, regardless of the interface language it is set to. The errors it checks for are not language-specific.
No, that function is only available to Business and Enterprise licenses. Personal licenses are restricted to the default logo.
The main limitation is that you are allowed to use the Proof function no more than 25 times per day.
No, the presets can not be altered. Whenever you change the rules, the "Custom" preset is highighted automatically.
Every tab displaying the detected errors features a button that allows you to copy the contents of the currently selected cell to the clipboard. After copying the content of a cell in this way, you can open the required file and use the search function ...
The layout of AceProof reports can not be currently customised, but the Business and Enterprise licenses allow the user to change the logo in the top-left corner of the reports.
Aceproof detects the following errors and irregularities: 1. inconsistencies: Places where identical sources were translated differently, or differing sources were translated identically. 2. space-related errors: Consecutive spaces, inconsistent leadi...
The consistency tab tracks situations where there are some source segments in the analyzed files that are identical, but their translations differ in some way, or vice-versa, when identical translations are given to differing source segments.
No, it does not. AceProof check for non-language-specific errors (consistency, punctuation, whitespaces, untranslated fragments), and thus can work with any language.
AceProof is strictly a Quality Assurance tool. If you wish to edit a translation, please do the following: 1) Click on the translation you want to edit and click the "Copy selected cell to clipboard" button near the upper-left corner of the table. 2) Ope...