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There are two ways to count Web-sites in AnyCount. The first way is to download the required .HTM (.HTML) files and count them in offline mode: 1. Download the website you need to count words on. 2. Launch AnyCount. 3. Add the pages you need to coun...
There is no limitation in a registered version. The trial version of AnyCount allows you to count only up to 10 files at a time up to 10 times a day.
AnyCount can count characters in embedded objects and text boxes.
Yes, you need to have MS Word installed to count .rtf, .doc, .docx and .wpd files with AnyCount.
AnyCount counts only text in .HTML files, while ignoring the tags. You can also customize the settings to count (or ignore) meta descriptions, meta keywords, alt text, titles and form controls in .HTM and .HTML files. Simply add at least one HTM(L) fi...
You can count/omit numbers by using the Skip Numbers option on the General tab of the AnyCount Settings.
The current version of AnyCount does not count repetitive words. AnyCount counts the total number of characters, words or lines.
AnyCount can count PPTX files created in MS Office PowerPoint 2007, but requires for its host machine to also have PowerPoint 2007 (or newer) installed to do so.
AnyCount can count MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 file formats, but having Microsoft Office 2007 (or newer) installed is required for Anycount to be able to do so.
AnyCount has been tested with 50 000 files being counted at a time. System properties of the test computer: CPU - Pentium 4 (3 GHz) RAM - 2 GB Please note that if the files for counting are located on a network drive, this may slow down the process.
The main reason for this difference is that AnyCount does not count text format elements (e.g. bullet points). They are only the result of formatting; MS Word counts all these elements. MS Word does not count headers, footers, comments, hidden text, etc...
The current version of AnyCount can not access the contents of password-protected files.
AnyCount can count text in images inside PDF files. Just enable the OCR option and select the required language in "Settings >> PDF" after adding a PDF file. AnyCount does not count text in images inserted in documents of other formats. However, it can ...
Currently AnyCount can not count the approximate number of words in the target language.
Yes, AnyCount can count text in comments, text boxes and shapes. Please make sure to set all appropriate settings by performing the following steps: 1. Launch AnyCount. 2. Select some MS Office documents to count. 3. Go to Settings > [File Format Na...
The current version of AnyCount can not count highlighted words.
AnyCount can not count words of different languages separately.
The current version of AnyCount can not count .DOCX files without a version of MS Word that supports them (Word 2007 or newer) installed on the same machine.
AnyCount supports word count in the Arabic language. However, this only applies to recognised text. AnyCunt can not process Arabic from image files.
The current version of AnyCount does not support this feature.
AnyCount does count the text in headers and footers when counting recognized PDF files.
AnyCount counts all text between (except) tags in XML. If your XML contains text between tags that does not require translation, you can try to convert XML to some other format, for example XLS. It is possible that in other formats it will be easier to se...
No, AnyCount counts only text in characters, words, lines or custom units. However, after you add an archive to Anycount, you will be able to see the files contained in it in Anycount's file queue.
To count notes in PPT files, please do the following: 1. After adding the files, Open settings for PPT files from the Settings menu. 2. Tick the check boxes 'Slide notes' and 'Note Master'.
If you would like to count recognized PDF files (files that contain selectable digital text), you can use AnyCount with any language. AnyCount Professional and AnyCount Enterprise support this. If you would like to count unrecognized PDF files (files wi...
The message 'Not enough storage is available to complete this operation' is most likely generated by Microsoft Office. Please check how much space is available on Disk C. After that, please try running Disk Cleanup to free up some space.
Please launch AnyCount in Admnistrator mode (right-click >> Properties >> Compatibility >> enable "Run this program as administrator"), and disable "Multi-core processing" in "Settings > General". Then, please check your MS Office settings. Please sta...
No, AnyCount does not provide such functionality. However, different formats provide different settings as to which kinds of text can be counted or ignored (comments, headers/footers, alt-text, etc.) Please click "Settings" after adding files to Anycoun...
The Help file is bundled with the program. Please press F1 while the program is active. If you do not have the program yet, but want to familiarize yourself with it, please download the attached file.