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Usually, to copy the text of an error message you need to press Ctrl+C when the window with the error message is active. Then, open an e-mail or text file, click in the main text field, and press Ctrl+V.
After purchase we will send you the license code and you will be able to transfer / reinstall AIT software product to a new computer as many times as you need. If you lost your codes and/or installers, you can receover them from your personal profile at ...
Projetex - Accounting and Project management for Translation agencies. Download the 30-day demo here: [
To register an AIT software product you need to purchase a respective license key. The registration process is as follows: 1. You can order your key using our online shopping cart located under the following url:
During the evaluation period you are running the same application as any registered user does. Without a registration key entered, all AIT software products run in evaluation mode. Thus there is no need to download the full version, just enter your licens...
To avoid this UAC message while using our product, we would like to recommend the Elevated Shortcut 2.0 program. This software will modify a current shortcut of our product for future launches with the highest access rights. Please do not use this program...
You can call up the help file by pressing F1 while the program's window is active. You can also open the Backstage View (the button near the top-left corner of the window, displaying the program's icon by default) and click the "Help" button.
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