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If you have only one target for a source, please try doing the following: 1. Create a dictionary (e. g. English => Spanish). 2. Export it into an XLS file (select Export => XLS in the AnyLexic main window). 3. Import the previously exported file into ...
If you have an error message like the following: "dmNautilus.dtDictEntries.InsertQuery: Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequent statements. Access to UDF library "JHBloUDF.DLL" Please reinstall...
The Source field can contain up to 200 characters. The Target and Notes fields do not have a miximum length.
Terminology can be searched for with word fragments.
Unfortunately there is no such option in the current AnyLexic version.
Yes, AnyLexic can be used as a definitions database.