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AnyMem 2.0 can import/export translation memory from/to a TMX 1.1 or TMX 1.4 file. Internally, AnyMem uses its own, compact, single-file translation memory format (MEM).
AnyMem fully supports Unicode. There is no need to install additional library components (like .NET Framework or Java Virtual Machine) or switch your system locale.
Question: When importing from TMX I receive the following error message: "Warning: Selected file does not contain segments with source and target languages of this translation memory". However, languages seem to match in translation memory and in TMX. A...
No, it does not. AnyMem is not configured to remove Trados templates or interfere with your Trados in any way. However, you cannot work both with Trados and with AnyMem simultaneously. The interaction between AnyMem and Trados is as follows: 1. Upon MS...
Yes, AnyMem is compatible with Windows 7.
AnyMem is dasbled on virtual machines for security reasons.
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