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Yes, but the process is very simple. After you install and launch the Anycount word count tool [] for the first time, you will see adialofg window asking you to enter your Translation3000 account details. If you do not have an account,...
You do not need to register. After installation you will have 30 days of trial use.
To install Translation Office 3000 3D, please download the installation package from our website [] or [] and run it. Please read carefully a...
No, the database converter utility can only use the main database files for conversion.
No, there is no support of Free edition in the current version of TO3000.
Yes, TO3000 3d uses a different Database engine, and will not interfere with any previous version of TO3000.
Please do the following: 1) uninstall TO3000 2) manually delete or move the folder C:UsersPublicDocumentsAITTO3000, Version 3Ddb 3) install TO3000 again, running the installer in Administrator mode (right-click >> run as administrator)
First, please install TO3000 with the Empty or Demo database. Then, place the MDF and LDF files from the old machine into a single folder (not into the same folder as the empty/demo database), then in TO3000 go to "Database Settings >> Set Database Fold...
You do not need to "Deactivate" anything. However, if you are also installing the server on to the new machine, please make sure to make a backup of the database and restore it on the new machine.
When using the "old" converter to create the "Intermediate" database file, please be sure to follow the red instruction text.
No, Work files are not integrated into the backup files and have to be transferred separately.
No, edited templates are not integrated into the backup files and have to be transferred separately. Their location is C:UsersPublicDocumentsAITTO3000, Version 3DTemplates
Yes, custom queries are integrated into the database file itself.
No, you only need to go to "Help >> Upgrade" in the settings, and enter the new license code.
The TO3000 installer will never delete an existing database. This allows for the application of updates without the risk of losing data. To replace the demo database with an empty database, please do the following: 1) Manually delete the folder C:User...
The database converter needs your main FDB file, not a backup file. Please open your old program and go to "Settings >> Database". The new window will show the location of your database file.
The most likelycause is the display scaling on your machine. Please reduce display scaling to 100%.
Q: I am changing my computer for a laptop, on which I installed your software. Everything went fine until I added my own templates for the invoices. The software closed down warning me it was installed on more than one computer. Please advice how to make ...
Please do the following: 1) Open TO3000 3D, go to "Database Settings >> Backup" and create a backup file. 2) Open TO3000 3D+, go to "Database Settings >> Restore" and restore the newly created file.
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