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Translation Office 3000 users are eligible for special prices while ordering Projetex. You can order an upgrade from TO3000 to Projetex 3D here: [
Projetex and TO3000 do not have native MacOS versions, but can be operated under virtual machines for Mac OS, such as Parallels ( []) or VirtualBox ( [])...
To check and install new updates, please go to Help > Check for Updates. Then you will see what build you currently have and what is the latest update. You will then be able to download the update. Please keep in mind that if the first number of your c...
To upgrade from Translation Office 3000 v10 or v11, please purchase the license code here: [] or here: [htt...
Nothing is wrong. You are simply trying to upgrade to TO3000 3D without owning a TO3000 3D license. Upgrading between major versions requires additional payment. You can order your upgrade here:
No, the Business folder needs to be transferred separately.
If you own multiple editions of the program, it is possible that you have accidentally registered the program with a lower edition key. Please visit your account at [] or https://www...
Please go into "Settings >> Database" in your old program and look closely at the path to the database file. If it is different that the path you used before, please open the new path. If it is the same, it means the actual database file is stored in a sp...
After purchasing the upgrade at [] and receiving the code, click the "Upgrade" button in the settings and enter the new code.
You are most likelyusing an old version of TO3000. The file manger of old versions of TO3000 is not fully compatible with the latest builds of Windows 10. Please consider upgrading to TO3000 3D. You can download a free 30-day trial here:
The database converter needs your main FDB file, not a backup file. Please open your old program and go to "Settings >> Database". The new window will show the location of your database file.
Upgrading to TO3000 3D requires additional payment (and is optional). You can download a free 30-day trial for TO3000 3D here: [] And order the upgrade here:
This most likely means that you are still working in "Without Projetcs mode". If you want to switch to "with Projects" mode, go to "Advanced settings >> Workflow mode", select "With projects mode" and click "Set now".
Please do the following: 1) Open TO3000 3D, go to "Database Settings >> Backup" and create a backup file. 2) Open TO3000 3D+, go to "Database Settings >> Restore" and restore the newly created file.
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