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Yes, we make sure that the results of the built-in AnyCount application in Translation Office 3000 and Projetex are always compatible with the current version of the standalone AnyCount word count tool [].
To use word count for your client job, please do the following. 1. Go to the Projects section (in the Ribbon), click the New button and create a project. 2. Once your project is created, switch to the Client Jobs tab and create a new client job using ...
When you create a new quote or job, you will see a button labelled "Anycount" in the "New Quote/Job" window. Select a corresponding count unit, click the button, select the files to be counted, and the AnyCount world count tool [] modu...
No. The CatCount/Anycount notes field is too large to display on the main table.
AnyCount is a word count tool []. In TO3000/Projetex, it will allow yoou to automatically calculate the volume of work in the files sent by your clients. See [
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