Upgrade to TO3000, Version 9.0
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TO3000, Version 9.0 can be installed and run along with earlier TO3000 versions for evaluation purposes.

To upgrade from TO3000, Version 7.0 or TO3000, Version 8.0 to TO3000, Version 9.0, do the following:

  • install new TO3000, Version 9.0 to the same PC as the old version, opting to install empty database;
  • register your TO3000, Version 9.0;
  • run TO3000 Upgrade Utility

TO3000 Upgrade Utility is installed along with TO3000, Version 9.0. You can find it in Start menu > All Programs > Translation Office 3000, Version 9.0 > Import & Upgrade > TO3000 Upgrade Utility.

Also you can run TO3000 Upgrade Utility from TO3000 setup folder, by default: "C:\Program Files\AIT\ Translation Office 3000 Version 9.0\TO3000Upgrade.exe"

In order to import database to TO3000, Version 9.0, specify the path to TO3000.EXE file of previous version.

Note: If you are installing TO3000, Version 9.0 on new PC, ensure that Business folder used by your TO3000 V8 is copied to the new location.

Note: Templates, CAT schemes and Local Custom Filter settings will not be imported. Please move them manually to TO3000, Version 9.0 setup folder. Below find locations of templates, CAT schemes and Local Custom Filter settings in TO3000 V8 and in TO3000, Version 9.0:


  • TO3000 V8:...\Translation Office 3000 V8\Templates\
  • TO3000, Version 9:...\Translation Office 3000 Version 9.0\Templates\

CAT schemes

  • TO3000 V8:...\Translation Office 3000 V8\System\Schemes\
  • TO3000, Version 9.0:...\Translation Office 3000 Version 9.0\System\Schemes\

Local Custom Filter settings

  • TO3000 V8:...\Translation Office 3000 V8\Filters\
  • TO3000, Version 9.0:...\Translation Office 3000 Version 9.0\Filters\

Note: For evaluation purposes of TO3000, Version 9.0 use Empty or Demo database. When you finish evaluation and decide purchasing upgrade license, you will be able to transfer data from Version 8.0 to Version 9.0, registered with appropriate license key.


Note: Projetx 9 is no longer available for purchase. Please consider upgrading to Projetex 3D. You can order your upgrade here:

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